Streamline bid processes, generate accurate takeoffs, increase profitability.

How it works

Searching for the best way to measure digital plans or jobsites for landscape bids? LandOne Takeoff is crafted specifically for landscape and irrigation contractors. It's simple, accurate and efficient. Quickly count trees and shrubs, measure sod area, do an irrigation design, and more. Sign up today to streamline your bid process, generate accurate takeoffs, and land the next one!

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Why I started LandOne Takeoff

I have been working in the landscape industry for over a decade and I know the difficulties you face every day. The struggle managing time, labor, and material can be overwhelming. I knew there had to be a better way to manage my bid process. However, as I looked for a simple software solution, I found nothing that worked well for our industry. That's why I created LandOne Takeoff. I wanted simple software that could measure any job of any size. The result is the easiest to use irrigation and landscape takeoff software available today.

Joshua Martin
LandOne Founder

What You Get With LandOne Takeoff

With every subscription you get access to the entire application and all its updates. In addition to the features below, you also have unlimited cloud storage for your projects and full online or phone support when you need it. So start with a landscape plan PDF or enter an address to get an aerial view and begin measuring.

Robust Measurement Tools
  • Click to count objects such as plants and irrigation heads.
  • Draw areas to instantly calculate materials such as pavers, sod, and plant totals.
  • Draw lines to measure linear materials such as irrigation pipe, retaining walls, and bed edging.
Customize Your Materials
  • Save materials to quickly reuse them on new projects.
  • Maintain consistency across your projects.
  • Link materials to create custom assemblies and speed up takeoff time.
Cloud-based Collaboration
  • Web-based application accessible by your team from anywhere on any device.
  • Easily manage all your projects in one place.
  • Share takeoffs and marked up plans with your installation crews.

How LandOne Takeoff Saves You Money

Prevent costly errors

At some point in our careers, each of us has made an estimation error that cost us money or caused us to overbid and lose a job. A simple sod measurement mistake, for example, can cost you $100-200 per pallet, and that’s just the material cost. LandOne Takeoff can reduce estimation errors with computer-aided measurement tools that help you be confident in all your bids.

Save valuable time

Do you often scramble to finish estimates and takeoffs when the deadline gets close? What if you could cut out 75% of the time needed to make estimates and takeoffs without having to hire another employee? Here is one example of how LandOne Takeoff can help you save time:

Project: Medium Commercial Install ($50-75K)
Bid and Proposal Time:

  • Old Process Without LandOne: 6-8 hours
  • With LandOne: 2-3 hours
  • Time Savings: 50-75%

Start saving time and money today

LandOne Takeoff saves you hours of time and helps you avoid costly mistakes. A month’s subscription costs less than one tank of gas for your truck. Take LandOne Takeoff for a test drive with a free, no commitment, 14 day trial and you will see it’s value on your first project.

"The cloud based feature of LandOne really helps us make the most of our day. We can access and work on our takeoffs from anywhere and the ability to customize material lists allows our takeoffs to be much more organized. LandOne is an incredible tool for our bidding team!"

- Britton Garrett, Estimator, Blackjack Horticulture

Plans and Pricing

Small Team
1-2 Users
All Measurement Tools
Unlimited Projects
Customize Materials
Monthly price: $79.99
Pay annually and save 10%
Medium Team
3-5 Users
All Measurement Tools
Unlimited Projects
Customize Materials
Monthly price: $159.99
Pay annually and save 10%
Large Team
5-10 Users
All Measurement Tools
Unlimited Projects
Customize Materials
Monthly price: $299.99
Pay annually and save 10%
If you need something bigger than our Large plan, please contact us and we'll create a plan tailored to you.